• Excelentisimo Presidente de la Republica de Honduras, Abogado, Juan Orlando Hernandez
  • Secretario de Estado de los Despachos de Trabajo y Seguridad Social Ingeniero, Carlos Madero
  • Delegado Presidencial, Miguel Morazan
  • Directora Tecnica de Servicios and Administrativa, Martha Benavides
  • Presidente Grupo Karims, Yusuf Amdani
  • Vice President, STARTEK, Brian Gray
  • Welcome guests and members of the press

It is my pleasure to welcome you all to the Altia Business Park, first home of STARTEK, Honduras.

We are here today to introduce you to our energetic and passionate STARTEK Brand Warriors and to show you our state-of-the art facility.  I’d like to tell you about the great successes we’ve had during our brief two and a half year tenure in Honduras.

When asked to present STARTEK, our experience in Honduras and the benefits the Con Chamba Vivís Mejor program provides us I thought what a great opportunity it will be to showcase not only our facility, but the people that make STARTEK shine.

STARTEK is a leader in the Business Process Outsourcing industry, an industry in which providing customer service is our passion and our company mission is to enable and empower our Brand Warriors to protect and promote our clients’ brands every day.

We chose Honduras, and specifically San Pedro Sula for its proximity to the US, the affinity to the American culture, the highly educated workforce and the state-of-the-art Altia Business Park.

Our time here has been successful, so much so that we have grown twofold since 2012 and have recently launched our new operation in the Torre Nova facility at the Nova Centro mall in Tegucigalpa while we await the launch of the Altia Business Park in the Capital city.

Our experience setting up our sites, recruiting, hiring, and training our teams has been a whirlwind of activity and excitement and the help from the government’s Con Chamba Vivís Mejor program with the support of the Asociacion Hondureña de Maquiladoras has helped us in this endeavor.

Please allow me to introduce you to three of the beneficiaries of our participation in the Con Chamba Vivís Mejor program:

  • Megan Ebanks
  • Mario Estevez, and …
  • Andrea Quintanilla

Megan, Mario and Andrea spent a lot of time and effort searching for rewarding and satisfying work and the prospect of a job with STARTEK and a permanent contract with all the benefits, stability and opportunity we offer made it an easy choice.

Our Customer Service Representatives fight for our client’s brands everyday and have learned the skills of helping customers, showing empathy and learning how to resolve issues while meeting the customers’ needs when they call for support.

The training and continuous coaching and development we provide help prepare our team members for the opportunity to become leaders.

During the almost two and a half years we have been here, we have promoted over 120 individuals or ten percent of our workforce into a variety of leadership positions – Supervisors, Managers, Trainers, Quality Specialists, Efficiency and Rewards & Recognition Champions, and Human Resource and Recruiting Specialists and Managers.

There is a bright future in this emerging industry in Honduras and I can tell you from my experience, that when we say, It’s not a job, it’s a career, this is not small talk, it is fact.  I began my customer service career in 1979 in a small men’s clothing catalog call center in Washington, DC when technology in this industry was non-existent and it grew into a career that has spanned decades, has taken me around the world and has landed me in what has become one of my favorite places to live, Honduras.  I hope my passion for this work and for coaching and developing the leaders of the future resonates with most and that with STARTEK, we can make a difference.

We are looking forward to enhancing our English Academy program with the new, Yes We Can Program to help us identify potential candidates with new language skills.

It’s important to encourage our young people and to show them that with hard work and perseverance this industry holds a promising future for them and for their families.  I also hope that our outreach programs with the community such as the partnership with Altia and the Apadrina Mi Futuro program with the Escuela 18 de Noviembre and the support we give to the young people of the Armenta community provide more youth with the inspiration to study and to fulfill dreams.The Con Chamba Vivís Mejor and the Yes We Can programs have been initiated by you and your teams and we look forward to continue to work hand in hand to collaborate and to propel Honduras and its people into the hopeful future they deserve.