Baleadas Express Wins Me Over

I have a new-found respect for the national dish of Honduras -- the Baleada


Baleadas in San Pedro

I didn't understand the draw to the national dish of Honduras, the Baleada.  I've had them made for me and I've made them myself, but the giant flour tortilla with mashed (refried) beans, eggs, cheese, chorizo, avocado and crema (not-so-sour cream).  Well, that's my chosen pile of ingredients for a good baleada.  It was about two years of shunning the national dish, thinking it was one plate of calories I could successfully avoid.

But it all changed the morning I was early for my flight to the US a few months ago and decided to stop at Baleadas Express to give it a try.  A baleada made with fresh tortillas and ingredients, made in the moment was the tipping point.  I was hooked.  Now when I'm early a baleada stop is a must.  But you don't need to go to the airport because Baleadas Express is a chain seen all over the city.  So, give it a try and enjoy the treat, if you haven't already.