Laughing Out Loud

There are days when being an expat is filled with a crazy amount of emotions -- Happiness, Sorrow, Frustration and Confusion, to name a few.  Some days all the emotions come toppling out at once, but tonight my day ended with one emotion -- Humor.

And this is how it came to be that I ended my day giggling to myself.

During my brief couple of days in Houston last week, before flying back home, I had the opportunity to shop.  I hadn't been to the US since February and was in need of new clothes and shoes.

My friend Stephanie and I made a run for Talbots on Thursday evening.  It was one of those power shopping events.  I found a few pieces and a pair of shoes, paid for them and got them all packed and ready to go for my Saturday return.

I was particularly happy with one outfit -- a pair of seersucker pants, perfect for the hot, Honduran weather, a silk polka dot shirt, a black short sleeve sweater and black suede shoes. 

Ohhh, I was going to look great my first day back at work -- yessir -- I was going to have that smart, sophisticated, casually professional look. 

So, I got up at my usual time, got ready for work, pulled the new pieces off their hangars, slipped on the new, comfortable shoes and checked myself in the mirror.  It was time to go. 

Gee wiz!  This shirt feels funny.  It keeps riding up on my neck.  Oh well, I must be imagining the annoyance.  Time for work. 

I head out the door get in the car, get to the office and all day I find myself tugging at the hem of the shirt to make it more comfortable. 

I'm engulfed in the day's work and come home to dinner at my friend's house.  I'm still tugging at it, but, es lo que es -- Whatever. 

It's time to come home after a delicious light meal, a few laughs and stories of the usual Expats in Honduras variety.  I thank my hosts and make my way to the elevator.

As I pull off my feather-light, silky new shirt I see the words, Talbots facing me -- hitting me over the head.  What?!

In all my smart, sophisticated, casually professional way, I'd worn the shirt BACKWARDS.  All day!!!!  It could have been worse; at least it wasn't inside out.