Treated Like a VIP

I like going to the movies.  In the US it's a common form of entertainment for me.  I prefer to go during the day when no one, or very few are doing the same thing.  Having to battle for seats and peace and quiet while watching an $11 or $12 movie, not including the outrageous cost of popcorn and a drink is not my idea of a relaxing break from reality.  So a daytime flick is my idea of fun.

Until last night I'd only been to the movies one time in Honduras and the experience was great.  Iron Man 3 was playing at the mall and a friend and his son wanted to see it.  It was a spur of the moment decision after a BBQ by the pool with friends.  I'm all for spontaneity, but having never had the movie experience in all the time I had been living here, I was happy to have the opportunity to go with a couple of people that could help navigate the movie theater waters because of their bilingual skills.

We used the ticket kiosks and easily chose our seats and had tickets in hand.

The theater was clean and spacious with stadium seating.  The only difference was a seat that was just a couple of inches narrower than I'm used to.  Or maybe I am not as narrow as I was when I moved here.  That's a whole other blog post. 

There was no noise and very little distraction from people checking their cell phones.  All in all, other than Iron Man 3 being a disappointment, for about $2.69 a ticket, it was a great experience.



I can't explain why in the two years I've been here and have had a good movie-going experience why I've only been one time, but that all changed last night.  My friends Carlos and Bera and I headed to the new Premiere theater at City Mall for a great night. 

The price of a Premier movie works out to about $9.69 with the current exchange rate and the food and drink is about the same price.  All in all, well worth it for a night out at the movies with great sound and in comfort.

We ordered our food and headed into the movie.  The seats were big new leather recliners with wide arm rests, a swing-out tray table kind of number and plenty of room for the servers to slither up and down the aisle with food, drink and credit card receipt during the trailers. 


The movie we chose to see happened to be the second movie about the taking of the White House I saw this week.  One on Netflix (Olympus has Fallen) and El Ataque, (White House Down to you and me).  This one was better, or maybe it was the VIP treatment, but I enjoyed it much more.


I'll be back to City Mall and to the Premier CineMark theater.  What fun! 

Now, it's time for me to head to the CineMark site to see what else is playing.