End of the World, Mayan Style?

The ancient Maya may have been wrong about the end of the world 11 months ago, but today, just one day before the Presidential election in Honduras, preparations are happening as though the world is coming to an end tomorrow.  Well, at my house, anyway.

Kosher Dills Preserved

We're not going to get into politics here, what with the situation we have in our own back yard and all, but suffice to say, the big day is on everyone's mind here and since there is uncertainty, it's best to just hunker down and stay home tomorrow.

Sliced Pickles

The streets were crazy with traffic when we went out to run errands this afternoon, like nothing I've seen on a Saturday afternoon, but it was a productive outing.  The supermarket was busy as usual on a weekend afternoon.

Yes, this is real.  It's Saturday afternoon and there is almost no one at the Do It Center!

The Do-it Center was a different story.  I've never seen more than 3 or 4 cars in the parking lot here.  Can you imagine Home Depot or Lowe's with a parking lot so small and with just a few cars parked?  Inside was no different.  The store was filled with employees and just 3 or 4 customers.  The important thing is that they have a collection of canning supplies and I had a container of pickling spices in my pantry that needed attention.

Because my expat neighbors and I have been told to just hang out and relax at home tomorrow, a BBQ has been planned.  Now, these pickles aren't really going to be ready for the Kosher Dill-ness that is perfect on a burger by tomorrow, but I pickled a batch a couple of weeks ago, so we're all set.

Preserving Pickles


Even though my "last meal on earth" choice is Bagels and Lox with Cream Cheese, Capers and Onions, these pickles were the closest I could get in one afternoon.  When Monday comes and everything is right with the world again, I'll have pickles to last a lifetime, which is something we're all looking forward to -- a lifetime -- no matter who wins.