Bitter Cold and Sushi

I traveled to Denver for a few days this month for business.  It was incredibly cold.  As in -19º one night and -9º during the day.  No, seriously, those are MINUS signs!

Well, it could have looked like this if it wasn't so cold that the precipitation evaporated on the way to the ground

The theme for the conference was all about the Peak.  Challenges in the face of adversity and continuing to climb ... not being a '"Camper" -- making it to the summit.

It was all about the Peak

And I can do it!  Yes I can!  Even with this short sleeve black wool sweater and a pair of green suede gloves I found in the airport in Tegucigalpa the week before.  I can't give you a good answer as to why they were selling down coats and winter gloves, but I am going to guess people might check the weather when they get up to the waiting area and it might look something like this.

Cold days ahead in Denver

I managed to get through the week without freezing my tush off, which I would not have minded after two years of tortillas, beans and rice, but that's a whole different post. Kind of.

Whenever I go to the US I am on a mission to have at least one Asian meal.  I crave it.  I yearn for it.  It doesn't really exist here outside of the kind of Chinese restaurants you'd see in the 60's with red flocked wall paper and lots of Egg Foo Young which became more of an American Omelette with ham, green onions and other Asian type ingredients and spices.   Or stir fry dishes with a lot of thick brown cornstarch-laden sauce.  And now the often, cream cheese-stuffed sushi rolls in seen in restaurants and now in some supermarkets across the city.

Because the craving needed to be satiated, it was a two sushi dinner weekend.  The first was at the new Sake Sushi Bar restaurant.  I'm not quite sure why it's called a bar, but they do have a covered outside "lounge" type area which could be kind of "bar like," I suppose.


We started with the most delicious grilled edamame beans.  I don't know what they were cooked in, but the pods were even more addictive than the usual en vapor (steamed), and dusted with salt version I usually have at home.

I was surprised to see fresh tuna and dove in, but I didn't want to be a tuna hoarder so I limited myself to just one slice of Maguro Sashimi.  There were three of us, all craving sushi so I was polite and contained myself -- somehow.  The white fish next to it took me by surprise.  It was über dense and chewy.  I could barely get through it.  It turned out to be conch and while I remember fresh, raw conch right out of the ocean as a treat on dive boats in the Caribbean, it wasn't quite the same.  Tough and chewy -- I avoided the rest.

There were the requisite rolls and a nice salad along with a good bit of pickled ginger.  All in all it was a good meal.  It was good to get out on a Friday night after work and have a bite to eat with friends and wile away the evening.

Sushi at the Intercontinental

And last night was movie night.  I'd planned to go to the Premier cinema to see Captain Philipps.  I was hanging out working on a presentation and fighting the urge to nap all afternoon when I got a WhatsApp message asking if I wanted to go to do dinner and a movie.

ok, so I might have a thing about malls during the holiday season  :/

YES!  While I don't mind going to the movies alone -- it's pretty common for me in the US, dinner out after sounded great.  The movie was fantastic and while I knew the story, apparently most of the movie-goers didn't because they giggled, were restless and at the end, gasps of, "OH!  This was a true story!" were heard.  I suppose I can't fault anyone -- most of the movie-goers were probably barely teenagers when the hijacking happened and while this was a huge US story and should be big news here because Maersk has a presence in Honduras, I guess it didn't make a big impact.

After the movie, I was about to suggest going back to Sake Sushi for more grilled edamame, but having never been to Nau, the bar at the Intercontinental hotel that offers sushi, that was the choice we made. And yes, we started with steamed edamame, but it wasn't the same.

The bar is nice.  It's like escaping the city and being on a mini vacation.  The weather was warm.  The pool, surrounded by palm trees and candles just outside the window and the tropical décor and drinks could make you think you were steps away from the beach rather than an hour away.  The crushing thoughts of all that needs to be done at work were put way in the back of my mind, a few laughs and sushi and it was just like a refreshing getaway for a night.

My friend and I talked and laughed and had a few Mojitos while forgetting most of our cares on a quiet Saturday night.

The sushi?  It was ok.  Look, it's better than no Asian flavors at all, right?  I'd make my own sushi but I haven't figured out where to get sushi grade fish.  Actually, I'm not sure it exists here, but the good news is that no one got sick, which is a big plus!